People of all ages come to us in pain, and often with an injury that restricts their ability to work, exercise, or even perform normal daily tasks.

Our therapists perform a thorough musculo-skeletal evaluation that includes a patient self-assessment and history, as well as a detailed physical examination.

Then we design a personalized treatment plan that combines patient education and a home exercise program with manual therapy to accelerate the patient’s recovery.

On each successive visit, we assess the patient’s condition, monitor the effectiveness of the therapies, and modify treatment to ensure rapid improvement and restored health.

Once patients achieve treatment goals, we help them avoid re-injury by offering individualized home exercise programs and ongoing education in preventative care, self-treatment, and back care.


Whom should I contact with insurance billing questions?

If you are a current or past patient of Body Logic Physical Therapy, PC and have an insurance billing question, please contact:

Phone: 530-272-7306

Fax: 530-272-7316


What kind of payment do you accept?

We offer flexible payment options, including a cash discount. And with a physician or chiropractor’s referral, our treatment programs are covered by most insurance and workman’s compensation providers.