Roger Williamson – PTA

Roger became interested in the profession of physical therapy after years of working with and pleasing clients in the building trades, and felt the need to continue to work with people to help them achieve better health and happiness. He enjoys explaining the motions of our bodies in terms that his patients can relate to from their own experience. Among his special interests, the neck and spine top his list. He is fascinated by all their many purposes and capabilities in our life. “Our spine is the structure that makes our whole way of life as upright humans possible. It frees our hands to create, our minds to imagine and our feet to dance.” “Getting to the basic and true root of our physical problems is like building or repairing structures—we need to make the loose and weak things secure, the creaky doors and windows move smoothly and to keep the lights and water running in the proper channels.” His instructors in the Physical Therapist Assistant program taught from a wide range of experience, including a Navy medic, a high-level gymnastic coach and childhood development disorder specialist, and a Physical Therapist in the Amputee and Prosthetic division of Walter Reed Military Medical Center. “They made sure we learned to listen, to touch, to feel and see our patients as individuals and to care deeply for them. I strive to be an honor to their hopes and efforts for the profession.”


  • Physical Therapy Board of California, PTA
  • Maryland Board of Physical Therapy, PTA


  • PTA graduate of CAPTE-accredited CACHE program, Anne Arundel Community College, Maryland.
  • AAS degree, Chesapeake Community College, Wye Mills, Maryland
  • AA degree and Electronics Engineering Certificate, Yuba Community College, Marysville, CA